Kirkheaton Chair Exercise Group

Kirkheaton Chair Exercise Group provides hair exercise sessions at on Wednesdays between 14:00-15:30. These sessions are aimed at the physically disabled, and other disabled people who do not feel comfortable going to gyms.


Sessions cost £3 per participant. The cost includes refreshments. Each participant’s first session is free.




Sessions take place at Kirkheaton Community Centre,

Fields Rise,




For more information, phone Lorna on 01484 358021 or email


Activities for Senior Citizens

Activities for Senior Citizens provides chair exercise sessions to elderly disabled people from Mirfield. Sessions take place at Mirfield Community Centre on Thursdays 14:00-15:30.


Each participant’s first session is free. After attending one session, participants pay £3 per session. The cost includes refreshments.


For more information:

  • Phone Silvia Longbottom on 01924 525528 or 07526 822899.
  • Email


ASHARKS is a support group for adults who have any form of autism, or who experience anxiety, OCD or depression because of their autism.


The group meets on Thursdays between 11:00-14:00, and offers a range of activities, including games and art. Participants can also socialise and make new friends. The cost is £1 per participant.


Contact Details


ASHARKS meets at Sensory World, Old Westgate, Dewsbury, WF13 3NB


For more information, phone Rowena on 07810 497378.

Drum with Valley Beats

Valley Beats is a drumming group in Holmfirth, which drums on Wednesdays between 10:00-11:30.


The group has a variety of drums. Participants play percussion games, and play a variety of percussion music.


People are encouraged to stand while playing, but people may sit if they are unable to stand or uncomfortable with standing. Although visual hand signals are used, the group can adapt to accommodate blind participants.


Sessions cost £3 +50p for coffee.


Contact Details


Phone Katie on 07736 049089, or email

Experience the Countryside with Experience Community

Experience Community enables disabled people to ramble in the countryside of Yorkshire and the surrounding area, using adapted bikes and wheelchairs. Rambles take place fortnightly on Thursdays and Saturdays. Costs vary, but the minimum charge per participant is £10.


Disabled people can try the adapted bikes and chairs free of charge on Tuesdays between 11:00 and 15:00 at the Civic Basement, New Street, Slaithwaite, HD7 5AB.


For more information, email, or phone Craig on 07958 591841.

Have Fun at Sensory World

Sensory World is a place where disabled people can socialise and have fun. The food is fantastic.


Disabled Adults


Disabled adults can sing on the karaoke on the first Saturday of every month between 19:00-22:00. The cost is £2 per person.


Disabled adults can socialise at the drop-ins on Tuesdays between 9:30-12:00, and the luncheon clubs on Thursdays between 11:00-14:00. The drop-ins cost £4 for disabled people. It is free for parents and carers. At the luncheon clubs, you can have a two-course meal for £4.50.


There are sometimes other activities for disabled adults, such as dance. Disabled adults can suggest activities too.


Disabled Children


Play and Stay. Children can play in a disability-friendly environment while their parents relax on weekdays 12:00-14:00. The cost is £1 per child.




Sensory World is at Old Westgate in Dewsbury. WF13 1NB


Contact Linda about the activities at Sensory World by phoning 01924 456152 or 07801 065589.

Cycle with Streetbikes

Streetbikes has tandems, trikes, tandem trikes, wheelchair bikes, single hand cycles and double hand cycles. This means people with all disabilities can cycle with Streetbikes.


Mixed ability sessions are held on the athletics track at Spenborough Pool and Fitness complex, Bradford Road, Liversage, WF15 6LW.


Streetbikes is on the track on Tuesdays between 10:30-14:30, and Saturdays between 12:30-14:00. There is a charge of £4 per participant.


For more information, phone 07873 773417

Different Strokes

Different Strokes is a group for stroke survivors of working age. The group participates in activities which assist with rehabilitation. Members of the group can suggest activities.


Costs vary, and a determining factor is the harges of activity providers.




Different Strokes is based at Dewsbury Business Centre,

9 Wellington Road,


WF13 1HF


For more information, contact Sue by phoning 07597 805056 or emailing


Dial Wood

At Dial Wood, not only can people ride horses, but they can also ride in adapted carriages, and help out with brushing and walking ponies.


Dial Wood is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons. They request a £10 donation. If you want to attend, please book in advance.




Dial Wood is based at the RDA Stables,




To book your visit, contact Audrey.

  • Phone: 01924 849388 or 07905 331917.
  • Email: